3198 miles

There years ago out of sudden I got to be in contact with an acquaintance I met two years before through a presentation in my university. This guy I called si mas was the leader for the dancing segment of the presentation that day, he was 186 cm tall, skinny and lanky that I remembered him a lot months after the day we first met.

It was only two years later though when we got to talk personally through chatting application.

It was only another two years later though when we got to talk in person through online call.

And it was another year later when we finally met again in person.

And he came flying across the ocean, 3198 miles, spending something I bet more than 10 million Rupiah, only to meet me for mere 3 hours. Because a funny promise si mas flew his way, taking his precious days off, only for that three dang hours. And all of that was because I was suddenly asked to pick up mom.

So how do I not appreciate this level of loyalness he spares me, I do not even deserve that 😂

I think despite of every differences, despite of everything, I know I found myself a great friend.


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