[Vlog] One Short Escape: Magelang

Back on September 21st I went for a short trip to Magelang with church friends, it was a public holiday so we got to gather and have some we-times together ๐Ÿ™‚


In total there were about 20ish people joining this short escape. We departed early, I think it was 5.30ish, then we stopped by at Kopeng to have breakfast, then continue the trip to Magelang. When we reached there it was around 10 already.

We were gathered at a small terrace, surrounded by bamboos and wooden furniture. They gave us some snacks like traditionally steamed peanuts (they used small furnace with charcoal!), sticky rice snacks, peanuts filled mochi which was my favourite, etc.

The bikes we rode, they used the old-schooled ones!
Look how green the place is!

We then were ushered to the yard in front of the building to have some stretching and fun games before we finally start to hit the pedal. The MC during the session was pretty funny, he engaged all of us to take part in the game, and he just kind of connected our inner jokes into the games.

The white tapes were the penalties we have to do during the games!

We biked around the Borobudur villages, a fact we only found out near the end of our trip. The small road we travelled was rocky and it was a bit slippery because of all the sands and dusts, but even with those lanky looking bikes we managed to arrived at our first stop, a home Batik industry.

The starting point, with our guide’s bike.
We were even given the old-school hat(?)
I just love this picture, it shows how much we played around with the bike lol
This portion of our route has the good road, but most of it was still “raw”

At our first stop, we rested for about 10 minutes, where you could choose either to just rest, look around the souvenir shop, or make your own Batik. A friend of mine did one, I think it was for 20k or something… They will deliver your Batik at the end of the trip.

The design was already done, all you have to do is to trace it with the hot wax

We then continued our journey and went to open-space-side of the village, we could see the mountains from the roadside. It was burning hot, the sun was shining, but nonetheless it was such a nice view.

I managed to ask a friend to take my picture on the bike! haha!
One thing though, this photo was staged lol
The road was so empty, it felt as if we were the only ones that were left there


Some of my friends

After this, my camera died ๐Ÿ˜‚ I forgot to cover my camera that it was exposed under the sun that it overheat and the battery just drained faster than I expected :/

By the way, on the rare chance I managed to do some vlogging, which was really awkward at first for some reasons:

  1. I’m not used to vlog around people other than my family. While I do vlog publicly when I have family holiday, but those strangers don’t know me so it doesn’t matter. On the other side, these guys I’m gone with know me, so I do feel awkward.
  2. My friends aren’t used to people vlogging around them so it was awkward for them, and awfully awkward for me because some of my friends are conscious of the big DSLR camera and they felt awkward about it ๐Ÿ˜‚

So that said, please pardon the awkwardness (blimey, how many times have I typed that already??), corniness and cheesiness :p

And while making this post at my cubic in the office, I just realize that I missed travelling, I missed going around new places, I missed my adventurous self. And just how much I love making these videos I could re-watch again and again, reminiscing the memories. I shall do it more often~


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