[photolog] The best birthday ever

All my life I thought I dislike my birthday. I feel that birthday celebrations are unnecessary, just simply too much, and all the cake and family photos traditions are meh. I need to add that it wasn’t until my university years that I started to appreciate how I look, and that taking pictures with myself in them isn’t going to ruin the whole photo. I used to think I was so ugly, either too thin or too fat, I don’t fit in, and I hate to have my pictures taken. So imagine on every birthday back in my childhood years, I had to use dresses I hate and had to face that photo taking I despised.

During my teenage years, I treated my birthday as like a day I should never remember, and trust me, it happened. I always forgot it was my birthday until all the messages and notifications flooded my phone. My family knew how I dislike being congratulated for my birthday, and my closest friends knew how I hate being older on that day. Long story short, I hated that date of November 11.

As mentioned, it was just around the end of my high-school years when I started to feel so much better about myself, and so about my birthday. I still forget my own birthday (it happened this year too!), I still dislike the whole ‘being the center of the attention because it’s your birthday for the frog’s sake’ thing, but I do feel better about it as years gone by. Like, oh, okay. I just add another number to my age. Age is just about number anyway. And people said, like a wine, the more it ages the tastier it becomes. Well, maybe in a way, I have what people call as Peterpan Syndrome, haha!

This year, though, my birthday felt a bit little lot super more special. And it’s all thanks to the visit of my cousin and her family from Canada! The last time I saw her was around in 2004, when she brought her fiancee (now husband!). This year she brought along their sons, and her mother in law, to visit and teach their sons more about Indonesian cultures and nature.

I was helping her planning her visit to Semarang and Yogyakarta last month, in early October I think, and she said most probably their visit would be on weekend around mid November, which I already knew back in October that the dates would be around my birthday. But as I said, I forgot that it was my birthday ๐Ÿ˜†

So they arrived on Thursday, the whole day I was planning their car and driver arrangement and got scolded for using my phone too much at work. And on Friday we would meet for the first time ever in like decades for a dinner. I was extra excited because it’d be my first time ever meeting my nephews. We promised to meet at the restaurant at 7 pm, my family would go there directly from home and me from my office.

Who would know it’d be raining (duh) in the evening that my cousin went there earlier, like 5.30-ish I think, and I had to do an overtime (gaaah!) because I needed to wait to report to one of my higher ups (she took day off on Monday so it has to be done on Friday). I already thought that ‘oh no, I would not make it there’, but luckily I was done by 7 pm, and they’re just starting to eat. And to top it, it was no longer raining outside when I went there. Sadly, the boys were already half asleep during the dinner. They slept through the rest of the dinner and we didn’t get to talk much. But it was understandable and we have the next two days to spend anyway, so it was alright.

sleepy babies

The next morning, on my birthday, it was sunny and everything was just perfect. So at 8 AM we went to pick up my cousin at the hotel to go to Ambarawa. The exact moment inside the hotel lobby, the lift opened and they came out happily (and fully awake), and the first thing they said was, “We just know from facebook that it’s your birthday today, right? Happy birthday, Mia!” And I got hugs from my nephews as my first birthday presents.

he’s a really cheeky one

We went to Gua Maria Kerep, which I’ve talked about in the blog back then… then spent the whole morning exploring.

Look at them, so ready!


he even has his hat ready!

There we managed to get a full member family picture, taken by a random visitor, who heard us talking all in English and got curious enough to asked where did we came from. He then offered to take a picture of us, which we’re really thankful for. But somehow, I’m not accusing him or anything, later on some other visitor who passed by us asked if we were that family from Canada… HA!


After going through the praying site, we went on to visit the garden. The thing is, the kids are really really curious about things like plants and animals, we stopped by a rambutan tree and they took a picture of it (yees, both of them are snapper just like their auntie~), then spend some minutes to discuss about the tree and the fruit. And it happened again on the next tree ๐Ÿ˜†

And the kids are reaaaally sneaky and they love to randomly take pictures of you.

The sneaky snappers
He’s trying to take a picture of me taking a picture of him. And he thinks this situation is hilarious, and he loves it!

and they run away when you tried to take pictures of them ๐Ÿ™‚ so naughty!

The little brother got jealous of the big brother because he wanted his own camera too, so I lent him my camera, with the condition that the strap must be around his neck. But my camera, though was claimed as one of the smallest and lightest DSLR camera when it was out along with the 100D back in the days, was still too bulky and too heavy for him even held with two hands… And call me evil, but I found that really adorable!

all taken by the snugly baby… I think he might as well make a photobook one day, what do you think?

I also got my photos taken by him, in the most charming way I’ve ever been in. I know I might be biased, but who could resist when your baby nephew insisted on taking pictures of you??

here’s a more “normal” one
he looooved this expression a lot. I made him giggle nonstop just by making this face
even an OOTD shot!
and one of my most favourite photo of myself e v e r. it shows a lot of me in one picture, really. casual clothes, messy hair, flip-flop, and me being a weirdo in weird poses
an attempt of taking picture together… only it was way too bright and I didn’t notice that I was out of the frame… but hey! they look really adorable here!



they both are good at hide and seek… but peek-a-boo!


To think we closed the trip to Gua Maria Kerep by laying down on the spiky grass (you can see the boy isn’t liking it by his expression…), I cannot believe myself that I am 23 now. Ha!

May I have a fun journey ahead! ๐Ÿป


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